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Baby Infant Cotton Swaddles for Summer By LittleDuck Brand

 850.00  780.00

If you’ve never had a newborn, the idea of wrapping your baby up so tightly that they can’t move their arms might sound like a crazy idea.

But most experienced parents will tell you their newborn is comforted when wrapped in a swaddle—they cry less and sleep more when they’re in the blanket.

Why Do you need swaddles?

If you’re new to the notion of swaddling, the concept is quite simple. A swaddle blanket can be a specially designed blanket, but you can use any lightweight fabric once you learn how to wrap it. The key is to make it tight enough that your baby can’t wriggle out. This accomplishes several things.

First, it keeps your baby’s arms tight to their sides, which prevents the startle reflex from waking them. Second, it mimics the feeling of being snuggled tightly in the womb, which helps your newborn feel comforted and calm. And finally, it keeps your baby warm without any dangerously loose blankets, which can be a suffocation hazard.

Registering for at least a couple different swaddle options is useful, since you’ll need to wash them and use different sizes as your baby grows.

When do you need swaddles?

Generally, swaddling is safe for all babies. The average age when babies stop being swaddled is around 3 or 4 months or when they are able to roll over. Also, if your baby has hip dysplasia or other hip issues, then swaddling can aggravate that, so check with your pediatrician.

How we chose our best picks

We asked thousands of real Baby List families about the baby products they love the most, now that their little one has arrived. We took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight. Here are the top swaddles we think you and your baby will love.


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